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The Benefits of Face Oils

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The Benefits of Face Oils

Hello FP lover!

In today's blog post, we will explore some of the most common questions we get when it comes to face oils and why they are good for your skin. 

Some common misconceptions about using face oils are that they can clog your pores. Essential oils are bad for your skin. Extracting oils all provide equal benefits. Yeah, we don't think so, and we hope this post will give some clarity.

We want you to have a good understanding of the benefits face oils can provide.


Are Face Oils Good For Your Skin?

Of course, they are! All oils provide skincare benefits, and using them in your usual ritual will help you achieve better skin complexion. Face oils pack tons of skincare benefits that help to fight free radicals, even your skin tone, and provide much-needed moisture to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. You might think, Won't putting oil on my skin clog my pores? No, what clogs your pores are the dirt and bacteria found in oils if it's contaminated. So go on, give your skin some love by trying our OMG Facial Oil. It's pure natural goodness in a bottle!  


Why Should I Use Face oils?

Having a face oil in your skincare routine will add an excellent seal to your ritual to help lock water and protect your skin from outside elements. Your skin naturally produces an oil called sebum that helps to lock in moisture and protect your skin from pathogens. (source) Over time and throughout the day, your skin's natural barrier slowly diminishes and leaks out valuable moisture that helps keep your skin looking its best. Ahh! When you use a face oil, like our OMG Facial Oil, it allows your skin to seal in moisture and keep outside elements from striping them away. Phew!

What's The Difference Between Carrier Oils and Essential Oils?

A carrier oil is as it sounds; it helps to 'carry' other ingredients to your skin. Usually, carrier oils don't smell much but still provide the benefits you get from essential oil. Essential oils are high concentrations of beneficial properties from plants and have a lovely fragrance too. When used in the right amounts, carrier oils help to dilute the high potency of essential oils.

Why Cold-pressed Oils?

When extracting carrier oils from plants, you can do it in a couple of ways, through heat or cold. Heat-treated oils are ones that are obtained by heating an ingredient in water and letting the vapors rise and filter out to separate the oils. During this process, the beneficial properties you would usually get from the raw ingredients are lessened or destroyed entirely. During a cold-pressed process, the ingredient is pressed down, with no heat, to help keep the beneficial properties intact. Cold-pressed is the preferred method of extraction because it holds more skincare benefits alive and is better for the environment. Glad you found this post as our OMG Facial Oil reserves all the nutrients that your skin deserves from our cold-pressed carrier oils.  

Are Essential Oils Bad For Your Skin?

No! There is a common misconception that essential oils are bad for your skin and cause harmful side effects. According to an article by Jimm Harrison, a master aromatherapist with 30 years of experience in botanical health, natural beauty, and the therapeutic use of essential oils, the use of essential oils is exceptionally beneficial to your skin. He does note that holistic methods of treat skin conditions are highly effective; essential oils are a great complement to your skin's overall health.

What's important is how you apply them to your skin, diluting an essential oil in a carrier oil helps balance out the purity and provide a smooth application. If you use pure essential oils on your skin without diluting, that's bad! Because of its high potency which may cause irritation and allergic reaction. Choose and use wisely and you will be okay.

We hope you find this post to be helpful and give you more clarity behind facial oils. Facial oils provide many skincare benefits that can help your skin feel smoother, feel more hydrated, and even your skin tone. Essential oils in skincare are good, so long as there is a carrier oil to dilute the oil potency.

Make sure to check out our OMG Facial Oil and help us plant trees!



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