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About Our Founder

Mollie Larsen From Plants Beauty FounderMollie Larsen
From Plants Beauty Founder


Growing up, I always had my love for natural skincare, just like any other girl. I loved using herbs and plants I found in my kitchen to make my DIY body scrubs, face masks, and hair masks. With my love, passion, and inspiration from having my daughters, From Plants Beauty was born.


From Plants Beauty idea started when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I was concerned about what I consumed and applied to my skin during and after pregnancy as I breastfeed my daughter until she was three. During that time, over five years ago, there weren't many brands that mainly focused on 100% plant-based, non-chemical, and 100% organic ingredients. I recognized this issue and marked it as one of the essential practices to be more conscious of choosing the right products when you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby.


When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I started researching alternative plant ingredients that would benefit your skin, made my natural skincare formula, and used it daily on myself.



Blending my roots of being Thai into my brand, I picked all of my favorite skincare ingredients to add to each of the From Plants Beauty products, like the Oh My Glow organic facial oil that has turmeric as one of the stars. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to skin and can help reduce acne scarring and bring out your natural glow.



Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, I had always used natural ingredients in my everyday beauty routine. One of my all-time favorite scrubs I have been using since my teenage years is tamarind juice. I could always find it in my kitchen. It helps soften and brighten my uneven skin tone, and it works every time. Chemical product solutions were practically nonexistent then. Herbs and other natural ways fixed everything. 


In college, I started to get acne after using non-natural products on my skin, and from eating not so healthy foods. I didn't know what was going on but only blame my hormones.

Not until five years ago, when I first got pregnant that I started paying attention to my beauty routine. I began making a conscious effort to use more natural skincare products and pay attention to what I was consuming. My skin started clearing up, and I started feeling better about what I was using. I didn't have to worry about my baby being harmed by what I was putting on my skin.

Since then, I am trying my best to go for products that are 100% natural, but those products are hard to find, so I decided to create my homemade skincare batches and use them in my everyday life.

Some of my family members are using my products and love them. They feel great about their skin and that they are not harming themselves with chemical ingredients.

From watching a lot of natural geographic shows and learning about the impacts we play on the planet, From Plants Beauty will grow one tree for every order placed. We believe in plants and plants believe in us; that's why I want to share the power plants can play in your skincare routine and everyday life.

I hope my brand will be a part of your story and that you can experience the incredible benefits of our 100% plant-derived products.



Mollie Larsen

From Plants Beauty Founder 

Visit and Instagram @curatedbymollie for more of Mollie's stories.



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