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About Us


Using the Thai Heritage from our founder, Mollie Larsen, we make sure to harvest prominent ingredients Thailand's beauty secrets have to offer. Treating common climate skin concerns like dry and sun damaged skin from living in Southern Arizona, From Plants Beauty blends the two seamlessly to help our customers around the world.       



Here at From Plants Beauty, clean, cruelty-free beauty is our passion; real results are our focus. 


We deliver high-quality, plant-derived skincare for everyone by precisely selecting each ingredient to give you a novel and pure experience through sense, touch, and feelings, with visible results. 


Born from the idea of only using 100% plant-derived organic ingredients, nourish your skin, and embrace the sensational feelings of our handcrafted skincare products that will target your mind, body, and soul. 


We aim for our products to be beneficial for all skin types and ages; whether you have acne-prone skin, are a mom-to-be, or have sensitive skin, From Plants Beauty is suitable for you.


Applying South-East Asian skincare remedies in each product, our founder Mollie Larsen used her roots when developing each formula to bring out a truly authentic experience and results. 


Pablo Picasso once said, "I do not seek, I find," and From Plants Beauty always finds the purest ingredients to utilize when formulating. We make sure to select sustainably sourced, 100% plant-derived, and 100% organic ingredients that are packed with pure, potent nutrients to revitalize and sustain healthy skin 


We never use synthetic ingredients, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, chemicals, petroleum, fillers, mineral oils, and animal testing. 


We are a firm believer in using plants' properties to help penetrate our skin, mind, and soul. In this effort, From Plants Beauty promises to better the environment by giving back. For every order placed, we plant a tree as our core value stems from the idea, " We Believe in plants, and plants believe in us." 


We are committed to helping nature during every step of the process by adopting low carbon footprint practices. We use glass bottles with bamboo tops, recycled paper packaging, compostable mailers, and always plan around the impact we make on our planet earth.    



While we are serious about our mission and potent, plant-derived ingredients we put on your body, we want you to have fun when using our products. Our creativity is inspired by fun acronyms that are serious in results but imaginative in its delivery. Each of our products is multi-purposed, designed to be creative in how you apply them to your body, like our Oh My Glow Facial Oil. Please read our article on Ten Ways to use our Oh My Glow Facial Oil.


We hope you will enjoy the luxurious experience of plants and feel at peace while using our products. 


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